Fabricated fittings

At Tako AR, we specialise in the production of fabricated fittings for water supply and sewer networks. Our product range includes formed elements for facilities such as:

·         water treatment plants,
·         pumping stations,
·         wastewater lifting plants,
·         production water industrial installations, etc.

We manufacture flanged elements used for dredging of rivers and water bodies and for hydro transportation and dredging spoil.

We also focus on the production of manifolds for heat pumps (which are an alternative to copper and steel manifolds) and geothermal probes.

Our prefabricated elements are manufactured to order, in accordance with construction documents and/or individual arrangements.

We manufacture our fabricated fittings and formed elements from PE-HD, PE-RC and PP pipes in diameters d90 ÷ d1200 mm in SDR17, SDR11, SDR26, SDR33, SDR7,4.

We offer:

Fabricated fittings:

·         segmented bends in d90 mm to d1200 mm,
·         90 degree tees in d90 mm to d1200 mm,
·         45 & 60 degree tees in d90 mm to d630 mm,
·         reducer tees and flanged bents in those diameters,
·         90 degree segmented crosses in d90 mm to d500 mm,
·         sewer faults in d90 mm to d800 mm,

Formed element to individual arrangements:

·         butt-welded prefabricated pipes in d25 mm ÷ d1000 mm,
·         fusion-welded prefabricated pipes in d25 mm ÷ d110 mm,
·         extended short fittings (bushings, reducers, etc.) in d90 mm ÷ d1000 mm,

PE manifolds for heat pumps:

·         manifold pipe in d40 mm ÷ d110 mm,
·         number of manifold sections to the Clients' requirements (3-, 4-, 6-, 8-, or 10 sections),
·         manifold utility connections (to be joined by electrofusion or screwed-joint) or threaded
·         geothermal probes d25 ÷ d63 mm


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45 & 60 degree angle tees and segmented crosses

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PE formed elements, hydro transportation pipes

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Manifolds for heat pumps

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Pressure sewer faults

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